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Peter Billick

Dear Sirs:

In January 1998, my doctor was treating me for high blood pressure. On my next visit a week later, he informed me that my Mistral valve in my heart was leaking, causing the heart to work harder to pump blood into my veins and blood vessels. He referred me to a Cardiologist. The Cardiologist had me take a stress test and then made an appointment to have an Angiogram done. After the Angiogram, he told me that with the leaking valve, my heart would enlarge in size and I would have to have open heart surgery to repair the valve. I was to be placed on the waiting list for the surgery.

After about six months went by, I was still taking the medication to lower my blood pressure. The blood pressure lowered slightly, but was still high. I did not hear from the Cardiologist during that time.

A friend of mine offered me a 50 ml Bottle of your Strauss Heart Drops, and I immediately started taking them three times a day as prescribed. I had subsequent visits to see my own doctor, and he my blood pressure and remarked that my pressure has lowered considerably. At around November 1998, my doctor examined me and stated that the leaking heart valve was not detectable, but to carry on with the prescription I was on.

I have been taking your Heart Drops regularly and lowered the dosage to just once a day. Before the Heart Drops, my legs would swell & now they don't. My complexion went from pale to having color. I had lost all ambition to do anything, now I'm back to being involved with my hobby, silver smiting & yard work (previously I had to hire someone.)

I feel great and have resumed walking and riding my bicycle and am experiencing no ill effects. I have not heard from the Cardiologist to this day. I do not need open heart surgery.

Yours truly,
Peter Billick

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